SAFETY FIRSTUnlike the experience had in a traditional individual vacation setting, group retreats come with a higher level of responsibility and consideration for the other parties within the group who may share common areas. Please do not take a child who does not belong to you anywhere without their parent's permission. It's a good idea to carry your cellular phone when away from lodging. Please adhere to any health safety measures required by the venue and/or organizer.

SHARING SPACES | When sharing common spaces, the organizer may dedicate certain spaces for shared items. Please don't use another party's personal food or other supplies without permission. Please do not enter another party's lodging without permission. Roommates, please do not use items belonging to your roommate without permission. Please do not lay or allow others to lay on a bed that is not your own without permission.

WEAPONS | Carrying a weapon is discouraged. If you are a weapons carrier, please keep your weapon concealed and out of reach of children. Do not leave your weapon in any unlocked room, including your own. It is your responsibility to learn about the local laws regarding weapons, should you choose to carry.
The organizer(s) reserves the right to remove anyone who does not abide by the rules.