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We offer an online support group for individuals who have embraced the Noahide path and are searching for a deeper understanding of the application of the laws of moral conduct. This group is moderated by TNC staff and volunteers.


Simply Noahide is a Facebook group for God-fearing Noahides and allows for questions regarding the Noahide path. The administrator, Veronica Port, is also the author of the soon to be released Noahide guide book by the same name, "Simply Noahide". The administration does provide occasional inspirational posts, and references Torah related material and ideas. This group is privately moderated and is unaffiliated with TNC.


This Facebook group is recommended for critical thinkers and for those who are looking for more in depth analysis and discussion on morality, ethics, and Noahide philosophy. Some foundational knowledge of the Noahide laws will allow you, as a group participant, to have a better appreciation of the philosophical discussions. This group caters to non-Jews from various demographics, including God fearing Noahides. Individuals who are agnostic or who wrestle with the concept of a Creator may also find this group of value. The administrator and members do also reference advanced Torah related concepts and sources. This group is privately moderated and is unaffiliated with TNC.


IN GOOD HANDS (Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Referral)

This Facebook group is for individuals from all backgrounds, religions, and creeds. This group serves as a free private adoption referral group for women (and their significant others) of unplanned pregnancies, and the family's that wish to open their homes for adoption. If you would like to speak with a member of the TNC staff in order to receive extra support in your search for a family to adopt your unborn child or infant, please call us at 855-999-2862 Ext. #5. Please leave a voice message at the tone and a member of our staff will return your call within 24-48 hours.



Brian & Michelle Stanek 

If you're searching for certified experts in Noahide law to guide you along this path, please reach out to the Stanek family. This support service is provided by private individuals who are not directly affiliated with TNC.

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